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Frankfurt am Main airport (FRA)

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Frankfurt am Main airport (FRA)

This most diverse city in Germany offers something interesting for everyone. Financial institutions and business centers, trade shows and shopping coexist together with culture, cosiness and traditions.

The avant-garde skyscrapers perfectly complement the well maintained historic buildings which creates just an ideal touristic landscape. This highway, railway and flight interconnection hub is also full of history. Did you know that during ancient times, the city was the center of the Holy Roman Empire where kings, and later emperors, were crowned? Or that the well-known prolific writer and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born here?

Frankfurt has definitely much more secrets to discover. Don’t miss the chance to visit this diverse metropolis, try the famous Frankfurter Würstchen, simply today known as ´hot dog´, or enjoy the city view from the 55th floor of the Main tower.