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Mauritius airport (MRU)

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Mauritius airport (MRU)

The islands of Mauritius are the tropical paradise by excellence. If this is the destination to which we are transferring you, we can safely say, you will be in pure heaven.
It is the ideal holiday for the sun worshipers. A long coastline of sparkling white sandy beaches and the deepest turquoise sea greeting you with its arms open!
You will not be able to move away from the warm sun and the cool water, feeling totally relaxed. You will be surrounded by beautiful sceneries of green lush mountains and glowing beaches. Being such a volcanic island, this has left its mark on the earth. You can find patches of blue, green, red and purple giving it a special uniqueness.
However, this destination is not only for the beach and sun lovers. The island is full of historic sights and cultural diversity. Port Louis, the capital city, grows from the foothills of the mountains and has a lot of charm given by the French influences in its architecture.
There are also museums, like the Natural History Museum and the Worldwide Masks Museum are a must see!
If you prefer outdoor activities, you are really spoiled for choice! You can go diving and see many different species of sea life. You can also go on a boat trip and see dolphins in their natural habitat!
If you like animals but are not too fond of water, your activity should be the safari. Immerse yourself in the deep green forests and observe the wildlife like monkeys climbing up gigantic trees.
Probably, the most charming quality of the island is its people; very welcoming and warm. It is a really diverse culture as it unites many cultural societies.