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Paris Orly (ORY)

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Paris Orly (ORY)

The city of Paris has throughout time been the cradle and inspiration of artists, poets, architects and politics, but always and above all has it stood out for its unrivalled personality, distinguishing itself as the city of light, art, culture, fashion, and above all, the city of love.
Its ideal geographic location in the centre of old Europe has made Paris a critical city and location throughout the entire history of the European continent. It has had an active and participative role in revolutions, wars, industrialization, culture, art and politics. Paris today continues with a similar importance and personality, but has also become a priority destination for those who enjoy traveling and yearn to see and experience first-hand the city that has played such an important role in shaping humanity during thousands of years.
The touristic and economic importance of Paris has created various different options for the traveler to arrive to the city. Its main airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle, with more than 63 million passengers a year is the second most important airport in all of Europe. It is located approximately 25 kilometers to the north east of Paris.
15 kilometers to the south of Paris is Orly airport, the second largest airport in Paris with respect to numbers of passengers per year. Orly serves over 210,000 flights a year.
Finally, 80 kilometers to the north of Paris is Beauvais airport. Originally used for military purposes, Beauvais is now principally used by a number of Low-Cost airlines.