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Rome Fiumicino airport (FCO)

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Rome Fiumicino airport (FCO)

The city of Rome is also known as the eternal city and its ancient and well preserved ruins make it a city truly worthy of this distinction.

Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci airport, start your trip in a relaxed and comfortable way as we transfer you right to your final destination.

Rome is a truly amazing sight for any visitor. While walking in Rome you will be dazzled by the beauty and the well preserved ancient buildings that surround you. One of its most significant landmarks is the Coliseum. This more than 2000 year old arena has become a worldwide icon as the place where gladiators battled beneath the watchful eyes of Caesars and common citizens alike. Now, the impressiveness of this stadium lies in the manner in which after so many years its walls are still standing straight. Not far from the Coliseum, you will have the chance of visiting the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, where the city of Rome was said to be founded after the fight of brothers Romulus and Remus in year 754 BC.

Rome is a fascinating city and the best way to enjoy it is taking your time to walk through this open air museum. The number of “must-see” places in Rome is almost innumerable. The Pantheon, Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Basilica or the famous Spanish Steps, where you can admire the flow of the people going and coming for hours, are just a few examples of the sights that await you. If you are also a fan of art, you must stop at Villa Borghese, where the magnificent gardens and the Galleria Borghese will leave nobody indifferent to its charms, with works from Correggio, Raphael, Rubens and Caravaggio.

Rome is also a city to relax and enjoy the best of Italian cuisine. You will surely find numerous restaurants where you will have the opportunity to try the greatest pastas and pizzas Italy has to offer. Also, don’t leave without having eaten a true Italian gelato that will satisfy the most demanding ice-cream lovers. Enjoy the food and cafes outdoors in Pizza Navona, where romans and tourists meet in one of the busiest and most charming squares in town. Also, take your time and visit Trastevere quartier. A bit out of the center but as equally charming, you will discover cozy alleys, picturesque streets and fancy Trattorias where you can enjoy a great dinner with the best company