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Singapore Changi airport (SIN)

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Singapore Changi airport (SIN)

Singapore, the Lion city, spawned from an East India Company trading post. Nowadays, thanks to its privileged location and exceptional economic growth it’s one of the main business hubs in the world.

The country is, in spite of its small size, extremely diverse culturally and visitors won’t have trouble finding fun new activities, there is always something to celebrate in Singapore, from Chinese New Year, to the Diwali (the Hindu festival of light), from Eid-al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) to Christmas. Singaporean cuisine is accordingly varied and of exceptional quality and it’s viewed as a crucial element of national identity. Singapore’s gastronomy is celebrated mid-July in Singapore’s food festival.

Singapore is a city of impressive skyscrapers, but it’s also one of world’s greenest where visitors and locals alike enjoy its numerous lushy parks and gardens. Singapore Botanic Gardens were inscribed in 2015 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s believed that Bukit Timah Natural Reserve contains more plant species than the whole of North America.

Shopping is along with food the national past time and Singapore’s numerous shopping malls often offer very competitive rates making the city a shopper’s paradise.