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Athens airport (ATH)

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Athens airport (ATH)

Γεια σας! If you allow us, we can transfer you from Athens airport to the land of the ancient Greek Gods: Athens. The oldest city in Europe; where democracy was born alongside great thinkers like Aristotle and Plato making it the birthplace of civilization.

A wondrous city full of history, where Plaka, Thisson and Psyri form the famous historic triangle. But one of the most impressive and beautiful pieces of history is found in the Acropolis. Standing atop a hill like a majestic giant, you will find the Parthenon looking down at you. The Parthenon isn’t the only architectural work of art in the Acropolis. You can find other beauties like the temple of Athenea Nike and the Erechteion.

Inside the city itself, you will notice past and present living side by side, united by a stunning pedestrian promenade.
If your opinion of Athens is that it is an ancient city only suitable for the history-seekers, think again. Roaming around the streets you can find stylish restaurants, fancy shops and gorgeous hotels.

One of the great qualities of the Greeks is their social life. You will not be able to resist adapting to their habits and enjoy timeless coffees, romantic walks, delicious dinners and the warm breeze that flows through the ancient monuments and streets.
Athens is also a prime destination for the sun-seekers as it provides one of the best climates in Europe, with very warm summers and soft winters.

A view you should not miss before you are transferred back to the airport is Athens at night. The lit-up Acropolis will absolutely take your breath away.