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Basel airport (BSL)

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Basel airport (BSL)

One city, three countries!

The city of Basel is located on the border of 3 countries, Switzerland, France and Germany. It has a unique airport that is the hub for these 3 countries. A short ride from the airport of Basel can take you directly to the heart of Basel, Friburg or Mulhouse.

Come and see the beautiful city of Basel, rich in culture and history, this city is unique to having suburbs in 3 countries, making this a very interesting area to visit. With many of its buildings designed by world renowned architects like Frank Gehry, Renzo Piano and Mario Botta to name a few, it’s a place where there is always something to see.

Whether you are crazy about art, history or religion, Basel can fascinate you with its wonderful surprises and places where the past, present and future take form and take you to places never seen before.

For those who prefer a more relaxing holiday, there is always a great variety of shops and superb restaurants, that all form a part of the spirit of this wonderful city.