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Budapest airport (BUD)

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Budapest airport transfers

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Budapest airport (BUD)

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and is amongst the largest city´s in the European Union. The city is well known for its different types of architecture dating back from 89AD (Roman City of Aquincum) to the the most modern building (Palace of Arts) giving the city a diverse style for all tastes. Go visit the Neo Gothic Parliament, the largest building in Hungary, and home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels, St Stephen´s Basilica and is re-nowned for being one of the most impressive buildings in Europe.

There is also the River Danube, the second largest river in Europe and the longest in the european union. There are seven islands found on the Danube: Shipyard Island, Margaret Island, Csepel Island, Palotai-sziget which is now a peninsula, Népsziget, Háros-sziget and Molnár-sziget. Plenty to visit and see in this impressive city.

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