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Genoa airport (GOA)

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Genoa airport (GOA)

Located near the south of France, Genoa is one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the biggest seaport in Italy as well as one of the major economic centres of the country.

Featuring a great number of famous tourist attractions and landmarks, due to its rich art, architecture, gastronomy and music Genoa became the 2004 European Capital of Culture and part of its old town was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2006.

Its main attractions include Piazza de Ferrari and its impressive fountain, considered one of the symbols of the city, around which the Opera and the Palace of the Doges can be found. Other landmarks include Palazzo del Principe, the Old Harbour and the cemetery of Staglieno, famous for its monuments and statues. In the district of Strada Nuova, in the old part of the city, the traveller can visit the palaces of the city’s most eminent families in the XVI century, such as Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Grimaldi and Palazzo Reale.
The historic centre of Genoa is connected in a labyrinth of squares and narrow alleys, leading to the medieval San Matteo square and the ancient Via Aurea. Genoa’s lighthouse, the Lanterna, is also considered one of its symbols and is visible in the distance from the sea, being one of the oldest standing structures in the world. The pintoresque seaside district of Boccadasse is definitely worth a visit, where the visitor can enjoy a pleasant walk along the promenade.

Because of the wide range of places to visit and thanks to its pleasant, mild climate, Genoa is a highly recommended tourist destination.