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Hannover airport (HAJ)

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Hannover airport (HAJ)

The capital of Lower Saxony is the Germany´s greenest city, lying on the River Leine and surrounded by the beautiful forest of Eilenriede. Adjoining this natural wonderland is the Tiergarten which is one of the most popular attractions of the city. This recreational forest attracts yearly hundreds of tourists as well as locals to observe a large number of wild animals, such as deers, birds or unique species of bats. Masch Lake or Maschsee is another natural paradise just in the heart of the city - the perfect place for sports, relaxing or enjoying local or international festivals.

This important trade fair and festival center also offers many other historical and cultural places to experience, from Royal gardens of Herrenhausen, the old town, Opera house, fairy-tale Marienburg castle to Tropical sea life aquarium or Erlebnis Zoo, which is considered to be one of the best in Europe.

A breathtaking view of the whole city, even as far as the Harz Mountains, can be enjoyed from the gallery at the top of the New Town Hall, which is accessible by the unique 17-degree angled diagonal lift. Just few minutes away from this stunning seat of the Hanover mayor, one can enjoy a social life and shopping at the very city center with its two levels “passerelle”, offering many shops and restaurants in the street level as well as at its basement.