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Istanbul airport (IST)

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Istanbul airport (IST)

Istanbul is a transcontinental city where you will be witness to a vibrant, surprising and multicultural atmosphere. Istanbul is a buzzing city that will keep you busy at all times. One of its many significant landmarks is the famous Grand Bazaar. You’ll be swept into the bustling atmosphere, hunting for souvenirs, carpets or shoes. There are over 2.000 shops and even a police station located within the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul also has many mosques and buildings that will leave you standing in awe. The two more distinctive of these are Hagia Sophia and Sultanhamet. Hagia Sophia was a basilica built back in the 6th century. It was first an Orthodox church, then a mosque and now serves as a museum, displaying the best carpets in town. Sultanhamet, commonly known as The Blue Mosque, is a mosque built in the 17th century. It is one of the few in the world with 6 minarets and its walls are covered with Iznik tiles, giving it its particular shade of blue.

Istanbul is a modern city which seamlessly merges with the remnants of the palaces and mosques of the former Ottoman Empire. The city is home to the headquarters of many international companies located in Turkey.

If what you are looking for is shopping you can head to Taksim. Here you can enjoy shopping during the day as well as a great atmosphere during the night. It has many bars where you can enjoy the best Turkish pop-rock while you taste a Turkish beer known as Efes Pilsen.

Istanbul has many attractions throughout the year. One of the best seasons to visit is during the spring, when the weather is still not too warm. During these months you can admire a great and varied display of tulips all around the city. Tulips originally come from Turkey, and they are celebrated in April with the Tulip festival at Emirgan Park.