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Larnaca airport (LCA)

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Larnaca airport transfers

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Larnaca airport (LCA)

Larnaca is the third largest city on the southern coast of Cyprus. If this is your destination, get ready for a fabulous holiday with plenty of activities to fill your time with.
Once we have transferred you from the airport to your accommodation, the adventure will start. Attractions, waterfronts and beautiful sceneries are all at your disposal.
You will find yourself in a city full of history. You can visit many landmarks such as the Ancient Kition, the Larnaca Fort, the Church of St. Lazarus, the Grand Mosque, Larnaca Salt Lake, and many others.
If you enjoy the open air, you will love the gorgeous long beaches, with golden sand, turquoise water and colorful seashells. You can visit the Camel Park and take a look at these unusual but lovely animals.
Another way to see the city is cycling. You can pedal your way around the city in the lovely paths. The little ones will not feel left out, as there are many playgrounds for them to venture to.
If you would prefer, you can also see the city from another level; from the sky. There are flying sightseeing tours which will offer you the higher view of the city and all its glory.
During your travels, you will have the sun on your side as there is an abundance of heat throughout the year. The summers are warm and the winters dry and mild. You can really enjoy it all year around.
We can assure you will be captivated by a city where culture and fun come together!