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Low cost transfers from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Disneyland

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from Paris Charles de Gaulle

Journey details 46 km          1h 0 min

It’s one of France's favorite destinations worldwide and the best place to have fun. It doesn't matter if you go with children or if you are an adult group, Disneyland is a theme park for all ages!

It is located on the outskirts of Paris and is one of the most visited parks in the world. It consists of two parks: Disneyland, the main one, and Walt Disney Studios Park, dedicated to the cinema industry and entertainment.

Disneyland is divided into 5 thematic areas, all of them with attractions, restaurants and shops. In addition, the different Disney characters stroll through the park to greet and take pictures with visitors. It’s open every day of the year and there are shows and parades in its streets every day. You will find attractions for all ages and for all tastes. If there’s one thing we are sure of is that fun is guaranteed!

But the complex is not just the theme parks, you Will also find the Disney Village, a commercial and entertainment area located in the same place that you can also enjoy once the parks close. You’ll find bars, restaurants, shops and a cinema. One of its main attractions is the Buffalo Bill show, you can't miss it!

For those who want to practice sports, Disneyland has also created a great golf course where adults can have fun touring their holes.

Accommodation is another thing that Disneyland offers. The resort has 7 hotels and, if you really want to experience Disney, they are the ideal place to enjoy the park. Another option is to stay in one of the many hotels that surround the park, they are close and cheaper.

Remember that we can transfer you from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Disneyland so you don't have to worry about looking for transportation once you get to Paris. Book your transfer and experience Disney’s magic with us!