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Toulouse airport (TLS)

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Toulouse airport (TLS)

When travelling around France and contemplating its magnificent nature it is an obligatory stop the welcoming city of Toulouse. Located at the banks of River Garonne it offers many possibilities to get to the heart of the west of France. The closely located airport of Toulouse is the first choice for many tourists who decide to spend their vacations here. Within a short transfer from the city centre, the airport offers lots of different direct flights to national and international destinations.

Whether you are passionate about history or you rather spend your time investigating new things in Toulouse you will find the perfect combination between the two. Famous for its many museums and cultural history, which can be seen all around the city’s streets, it has managed to add the modern look of the new century.

One other important characteristic of this charming little city is that here is located on of the biggest French student populations due to the fact that the city offers the best university education. This is the reason why sometime while you are here you may hear the people call it University City. While you wonder around the city, wondering where to start your visit from, you may find that the best start is the cruise along the Canal du Midi and the River Garonne. This nice and relaxing voyage along the river side gives you the possibility to enjoy the sightseeing of the old and modern architecture that Toulouse offers.

Never the less, wherever you decide to start your visit from, obligatory stops to your agenda has to be Cathédrale St. Étienne and the Basilique St. Sernin, the Théâtre Garonne, and the planetarium, IMAX cinema and the life-size spaceships at La Cité de l'Espace (Space City). The perfect example how old and new is mixed and a taste of the past is combined with the future.

If you need to escape from the busy hectic life of the city of Toulouse you can always go and enjoy the relaxing nature and countryside that is at the doorstep of the city. A good choices and recommended places to visit outside of Toulouse are the medieval village of Albi or the historic town of Montaubin. Whether you are a student or on a short pass by visit, or just decided to enjoy a nice and relaxing vacation in family, the city of Toulouse can offer you more than one reason to pick it. In this mix of past and future there is little time to get bored and lots to be discovered!