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Vilnius airport (VNO)

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Vilnius airport (VNO)

Wilno, Wilna, Vilna, or Vilnius, capital of Lithuania and listed in the Guinness World Records book as the geographical centre of Europe, is one of the most prosperous cities in the Baltic region. A cosmopolitan city, where Pole, German, Russian and Jewish cultures blend and where tradition meets avant-garde.

In the Old Town (Senamiestis), one of the largest in Europe and declared World Heritage site by UNESCO, visitors will find the Cultural Reserve of Vilnius Castles including some of the city’s most interesting landmarks such as the Gediminas Castle, the Royal Palace, the Vilnius cathedral or Crooked Castle. Also part of the Old town is the pintoresque and free spirited Užupis district, where inhabitants unofficialy declared the independent republic of Užupis and every 1st of April mock “border guards” stamp passports and the whole borough becomes a party.

Vilnius is one of the greener cities in Europe, almost half of the city are parks, public gardens, or natural reserves. In addition there are thirty lakes and 16 rivers in Vilnius area.