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Warsaw Modlin airport (WMI)

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Warsaw Modlin airport (WMI)

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Known as the financial and cultural center of Eastern Europe, the city has around two million inhabitants and has a place in the top ten of most populated cities in Europe.
Warsaw Modlin Airport is located only 40 km away from Warsaw. The city is also known as “phoenix city”. Back in the 1944 the city was completely destroyed and reduced to rubble after the war. The citizens made an enormous effort and they build the old town again, looking at old pictures and maps of the city.
The city was reborn and looking as the greatest times back in the XVII and XVIII century. Such an accomplishment gave the city a World Heritage by the UNESCO listing.
Warsaw is full of cozy cafés and narrow alleys to enjoy a great atmosphere outdoors. One of the main squares is the Market Square, home as well of the sign of city, “Szawa Mermaid”. Don’t miss the chance to visit The Historical Museum located at the northern side of the square, were you will be able to watch a documentary about the destruction and reconstruction of the city.
It is also surprising for many tourists the large quantity of green spaces in Warsaw, more than a quarter of the city is covered by them. A worth visiting green area is at Lazienki, were you will find as well many architectural monuments, one of the most important is the Palace built for King Satnislaw August Poniatowski, Poland’s last monarch.