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Zakynthos airport (ZTH)

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Zakynthos airport (ZTH)

Located on the eastern side of the Ionian Sea, the lushly blooming island of Zakynthos was given the nickname The Flower of the East by the Venetians. Today, it offers a myriad of entertainment and leisure opportunities both for families and party-goers alike.

Zakynthos’s main assets are its stunning beaches and luscious landscape. Don’t miss the Navagio (Shipwreck) beach near Anafonitiria, the deep azure waters of the Blue Caves, or the impressive cliffs and stone arches in the southwest coast.

Visitors can walk the streets of the main city, or Chora, admiring the extraordinary resemblance to Venice’s San Marco square. There is also a water park and excursions offering the opportunity to discover many facets of the island’s natural beauty. If you are looking for more adventurous activities, Zakynthos also offers a number of adrenaline-filled options such as base jumping. Or, simply take a moment to relax at one of the numerous bars and restaurants on the island.