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Bari airport (BRI)

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Bari airport (BRI)

Capital of Apulia region, Bari is one of the major gateways in the Adriatic Sea, the city port is the main sea link to many eastern European countries.

Bari has a split personality, on one hand the city history and tradition the old city (or Bari Vecchia as locals call it) represents and where visitors can wander the medieval narrow streets and visit the St. Nicholas Basilica and its gold ceiling or take a walk along the waterfront.

On the other hand, as an important educational center (Bari University is one of the largest and most prestigious in Southern Italy) the city has also a vivid nightlife, especially within the old city district.

Visitors should not miss the beautiful city surroundings, such as the Itria valley and its pintoresque trulli, the white village of Locorotondo or the sea caves of Polignano a Mare.