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Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery airport (AEP)

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Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery airport transfers

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Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery airport (AEP)

The Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the main urban center of the country. It is a populous city and a major world tourist destination, one of the most important metropolis in America and is a global city, trade, finance, fashion, art, food, education, entertainment and especially in its strong culture. Its skyline is remarkably eclectic. The Spanish colonial styles, art deco, art nouveau, neo-Gothic, Italianate and French Bourbons, so it is commonly called "Paris of Latin America" are mixed.

Jorge Newbery Airport is inside the city, book your transfer with us and start enjoying the various hidden charms Buenos Aires.

From Abasto, the tango neighborhood par excellence of the City of Buenos Aires where the largest number of theaters where recognized and urban theater works, artisans, art galleries, the passage Carlos Gardel and shopping are made concentrates are some of the attractions offered by the district; San Telmo, where there are free tango shows in the street. Puerto Madero is completely renovated and safe area, like London's Docklands; Palermo, the popular shopping area and good restaurants, very attractive to visit day and night. Add to your list the Japanese Garden, this beautiful Zen garden was donated to the city by the Japanese community; It has a lake with koi and carp, a beautiful wooden bridge surrounded by vegetation.