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Lourdes airport (LDE)

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Lourdes airport (LDE)

Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees in France’s south-western countryside, the small market town of Lourdes has become a major destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. Famous for its spiritual and religious history, the small town of Lourdes boasts over 250 hotels and receives more than 300% times the total number of its own population in tourists annually.

If the town of Lourdes is your final destination, you will undoubtedly be visiting the Sanctuary of our Lady of Lourdes. Comprising several different churches, chapels, basilicas and squares, the Sanctuary is over 50 hectares large and is in and of itself a complete tourist and pilgrimage destination. A journey through the Sanctuary culminates with a visit to the statue of the Virgin Mary at the simply adorned Grotto at Massabielle, birthplace of the spiritual history of this sacred destination.