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Mexico City airport (MEX)

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Mexico City airport transfers

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Mexico City airport (MEX)

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, and with its metropolitan area has more than 21 million inhabitants, which positions it as the largest city on the American continent.

The city was founded by the Mexicas in 1325 and became the capital of the Aztec empire until they were defeated by the Spanish empire in 1521. In 1821 independence was achieved and today is the economic, political and cultural capital of the country. This city has a vibrant cultural life, with important remains of pre-Columbian culture, such as Cuicuilco or Templo Mayor, as well as the subsequent mestizaje after Hispanic colonization, such as the Historic Center of the city, with more than 1400 buildings of colonial origin. Mexico is the city with more museums in the world, as well as a lively cultural life with numerous theaters and restaurants where you can enjoy a fantastic gastronomy, considered one of the best in the world.

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