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Venice Treviso airport (TSF)

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Venice Treviso airport transfers

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Venice Treviso airport (TSF)

Treviso is a quiet and charming city right in the heart of the Veneto region in northern Italy. Let us transfer you from Venice Treviso airport to the capital of the province, also known as little Venice.

Upon arrival into the Veneto region you will be quickly amazed by the wonderful views and scenery which seem to welcome your arrival. Treviso can best be described as a quaint, quiet and historic city. It is set next to the river Sile and you will find many canals crisscrossing the streets. If you are looking for some cultural sightseeing you should check the church of Saint Niccolo with frescos from Tomasso da Modena, La loggia Dei Cavalieri and the cathedral or Duomo, that was built in the 6th century and rebuilt again in the 17th and contains art from Titian. Also not far from the city, you may want to enjoy a day out in the nature. The Natural Park of Fiume Sile will surely take your breath away with its striking beauty.

One of the most representative landmarks in Treviso, especially for romantic visitors, is the bridge of Santa Margherita. This wooden bridge is best seen in the evening when it is strategically illuminated against the backdrop of the darkened city and night sky.

Don’t leave Treviso without having taken a seat and enjoying a drink in one of the bars at Piazza Dei Signori. Like in many cities, everything happens in that square. Also, remember when ordering that this city is an important point of interest for wine lovers and one of the best places in the region for a true Italian pizza.