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Trieste airport (TRS)

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Trieste airport (TRS)

Trieste is certainly one of the most unsung tourist destinations in the world. A lovely and charming city with beautiful sea view, Trieste has always been a cosmopolitan city with a lovely Eastern European, “Vienesque” atmosphere linked to its singular frontier town location.

The cuisine of Trieste also reflects the living traditions of the many populations that have passed through the city over the history. You can find delicious examples of the local Austrian and Slavic tradition.

The Trieste visitor will find some old Roman, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Eclectic, and Baroque architecture, and a nice mixture of Mediterranean styles, as Trieste was a very important port during the 18th century, even in religion: there is a Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Lutheran churches, and a synagogue.

Trieste province is the site for copious natural caves, Grotta Gigante being the arguably most beautiful and certainly the famous, it even has been recognized as the World’s largest tourist cave in the world by the Guinness book of records.

It may be not as famous as Rome or Milan, but let Trieste surprise you.