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Venice cruiseport

Venice is the capital of Veneto region that bears the same name, located in the north East of Italy. The city is composed by 118 small islands connected between them with more than 400 bridges. Its unique charm and design have transformed the city in one of the top destinations in Italy. It is said that every year more than 18 million tourists visit Venice, also known as la Serenissima.

Venice is definitely the city to enjoy outdoors. Let yourself be wowed but the magnificent Gran Canal, the main artery that divides the city in two. Walk around and let yourself be taken into the Venezian rhythm, well you will be awake by the Gondola rowers singing around the channels. Don’t miss the chance of seeing the Rialto Bridge, crossing the Gran Canal from the 12th century.

One of the most representative icons of the city is Saint Mak’s Square. It is said that everything happens there. You can for instance visit Saint Mark’s Basilica or climb the Bell Tower and admire the beauty of the city from almost 100 high. At the top of the bell you will see Angel Gabriel. The venetians say that when the angel points towards the Basilica, it is a sign that he is impending the high tides, which have become an icon of the city in the last century. The Square is also the epicenter of the Venetian Carnival, where the masks take over the city and its citizens.

If you visit Venice you cannot miss the chance of visiting as well the neighbor islands such as Murano, Burano or Torcello. In the first one, Murano, you can discover how they craft the Murano Glass in its unique technique that makes it so valuable worldwide. Back in the city, you will never be tired of discovering what Venezia can offer your. Don’t leave without having eaten a gelato or tried the local drink, the spritz. You will then feel like a true Venetian.