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Enfidha airport (NBE)

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Enfidha airport (NBE)

Hammamet, Tunisia’s first tourist destination, is one of the most popular destinations in the country due to its amazing sandy beaches where the visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports and activities and where festivals and small events are often held.

Beside the beautiful beaches, travellers can enjoy walks around the picturesque historical centre and its scenic gardens. The town’s culture is present almost everywhere in the form of archaeological sites, bronze statues and museums. Visiting Hammamet also offers the chance of discovering ancient towns, impressive ruins and lovely villages in the surrounding area.

Like Hammamet, the city of Monastir is an old fishing port that has become a major tourist resort, featuring an impressive and well preserved Ribat. The Mausoleum of Bourguiba is also worth seeing in this ancient city that dates from Phonecian times.

There are areas of the town that are family-oriented and quiet while in others you can enjoy the lively nightlife, due to this and thanks to the wide range of activities that the town has to offer, a trip to Hammamet is an experience that everyone can enjoy, no matter what kind of holiday you are seeking.