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Tunis-Carthage airport (TUN)

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Tunis-Carthage airport (TUN)

Situated on a hill dominating the Gulf of Tunis and the surrounding plane, Carthage is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where ruins of great buildings, theatres and houses from the Punic and Roman empires are preserved. Today Carthage is a residential suburb of Tunisia, and has become a popular tourist attraction thanks to archaeological excavations that took place during mid nineteenth century to excavate the ancient city.

Among its most popular attractions, the Antonin Baths are the ruins of the largest Roman baths outside Rome, from where the traveller can catch a view of the Presidential Palace. The Carthage Museum and the 19th century St. Louis Cathedral, known locally as the Acropolium, are located on Byrsa Hill in the heart of the city where most remnants excavated from the ruins have been stored and where the ruins of streets, numerous sculptures, excellent mosaics and even the former site of a public library can be admired by the visitor.

A visit to the Punic Ports shows the strategic position of the area and the Carthaginians’ naval strength, as Carthage was the strongest seaport on the seas, even stronger than the Roman Empire, for many years.

Carthage is a unique place for its archaeological and cultural value, which evokes the extraordinary story of a great civilisation and the diffusion of several cultures that succeeded one another over the centuries. Undoubtedly, the best place to visit for curious travellers.