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Ljubljana airport (LJU)

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Ljubljana airport (LJU)

Ljubljana is a small gem hidden in the middle of Europe. The city has managed to retain the best of all the cultures and civilizations that have dwelt it throughout history, and this is evidenced just by taking a look at its architecture where the visitor will find Classic Roman, Venetian baroque and Vienna Secession/Art Nouveau styled buildings.

Visitors will notice at once the city has a youthful and lively vibe, being host of Slovenia’s largest university and home for thousands of students. It can in fact be considered the country’s cultural capital with plenty of museums, theatres, art galleries and festivals to visit and enjoy. The city has all a large metropolis can offer while still retains its small town charm.

It is also the ideal starting point to discover Slovenia’s variety: The Adriatic Coast, the unique Karst region, the winemaking regions and much, much more.