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Warsaw Chopin airport (WAW)

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Warsaw Chopin airport (WAW)

Warsaw Chopin Airport is located only 12 km away from Warsaw city center. Let us transfer you to the capital of Poland, where modernity and history meet in a unique way.
Warsaw is the capital of Poland and home of the Polish Parliament, the Presidential Office and Supreme Court. The city is divided in two by the largest river in Poland, the Vistula. The old town or Stare Miasto and the new town or Nowe Miasto.
The old town was completely rebuilt looking at old maps and pictures of the city after the uprising in 1944. It is now a charming and beautiful area full of cafés and picturesque streets to stroll around. The new town host skyscrapers and the majority of modern buildings in the city. The one that has become an icon of the city is The Culture and Science Palace. It is 250 meters high and was built back in 1954. Located next to the Central Station, it hosts many theatres, shops, a concert hall and even a cinema. You can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the 30st floor.
Like the name of the Airport says, Poland was the birth place of one the most well-known composers, Chopin. Just 46 km away from the city of Warsaw you can visit the birth place of Chopin, Zelazowa Wola. This nice and charming village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It hosts a museum dedicated to the composer and in the summer, international musicians play his music in the park that surrounds the house. If you have the time on your way back to the city, visit Kampinos National Park, UNESCO site since year 2.000.